HDFC Securities partners Google Home, Amazon Echo for voice assistant services

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The Google Assistant is a virtual assistant (like Apple's Siri) developed by Google that is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices. We're also working closely with device partners to create new surfaces for the Assistant.

With more than one million Actions the Google Assistant can help you with today, we bet you'll discover something new you never knew the Assistant could do.

Microsoft has Cortana, Amazon has Alexa, Samsung has Bixby and Google has Google Assistant.

It is not just limited to Hindi only, you can ask nearly everything in English and Google will provide you the translated words from a huge variety of languages like French, German, Spanish or Italian and many more.

Imagine the convenience of having a smart assistant - whether it's Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Microsoft's Cortana or even Apple's Siri - with the ability to answer nearly any question instantly, as well as control your home appliances, like your TV, security cameras, smart bulbs or curtains, with nothing more than a voice command. A huge number of connected home devices, including appliances, light bulbs, TVs, air conditioning units, and more, support Google's AI. We're also making it easy to turn any TV into a smart TV with Chromecast, so you can easily control what you're watching with the Google Assistant on smart speakers like Google Home.

Google is rolling out its Assistant to more devices this year as well, including Dish's Hopper family of set-top boxes in the U.S., as well as providing voice control for a variety of security devices from ADT, First Alert, Vivint Smart Home, Schlage and Panasonic.

The second big question is - how is Google Home different from Amazon Echo?

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Also, the lights respond and change pattern according to the command you give.

It displays your search queries and commands in the Home app but unlike Amazon's Echo, every query is not displayed, Google ignores some of them and I didn't find on which basis this is happening.

Google's Assistant software is also able to answer follow-up questions on the same topic, in a near-conversation style, but Echo as yet can not.

A light comes on to remind you that it's listening. You can Control lights, switches and more, using compatible smart devices from brands like Philips Hue and TP-Link.

You can turn off the microphone temporarily, too.

Many expect Google to release more updates on the progress of its Assistant at the firm's annual I/O developers conference, which kicks off next week in Mountain View, California.