Google Developing Social Gaming Startup Called 'Arcade'

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As the name suggests, Google is interested in games - specifically social gaming - with the first app reportedly involving trivia, likely following the success of headquarters earlier this year. Sayman, who began his career at Facebook as an intern at the of 17, is the creator a video-centric social app called Lifestage.

Talking to Bloomberg, a spokesperson confirmed to news and added that the company is set to be "focused on mobile gaming with friends".

When launched, Arcade will have no tie-ups with any of the existing social networks such as Facebook. Users create accounts with their phone numbers, one of the people said. Google is also believed to be considering this new project as a social media investment because once a game reaches a certain number of users, it will be considered as a social network, according to Bloomberg.

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This upcoming game sounds a lot like HQ Trivia, as pointed out by The Verge. Some games which are massively popular and offer multiplayer online gaming experiences let users talk with each other during gameplay, as well as before and after, so in a sense they can act like a social network, though perhaps a more slimmed down version without numerous same features like sharing media, web links and more. The search giant has failed repeatedly in the social media space but it does not want to give up just yet.

The company previously took numerous shots at building its own social network to compete with the like of Facebook through Orkut Google Wave and recently with the Google Plus, but with very little success.

Sayman joined Google from Facebook in August and was originally planning to be a product manager for the Google Assistant team. The effort is part of Area 120, a division where select employees can work on small startups that live inside Google.