Gigi Hadid Looks Barely Recognizable In Latest Cover Shot For Vogue Italy

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However, this is not Hadid's first time being accused of blackface or being racially insensitive.

Model Gigi Hadid has come under scrutiny after posting her new Vogue Italia cover to her 40 million Instagram followers on Wednesday (May 2).

While some accuse the model of "black face", others think the blonde beauty looks like she got stuck in a spray tan booth for hours on end! Ha.

The image, taken by star photographer Steven Klein, shows a deeply tanned Hadid in the arms of male model Justin Martin.

Gigi Hadid is under fire again for trying to appropriate the culture. Mic has reached out to Vogue Italia for comment.

Fashion model Gigi's mother Yolanda Foster is Dutch, while her father Mohamed is of Palestinian descent, though commenters on Gigi's proud Instagram post were vocal about the model's very different appearance.

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"Looks nothing like her, looks like she overdid it on the tan", said one commenter.

'I didn't even recognize you, ' said another fan, and: "Why doesn't this look like you lol'".

Some called out the overuse of Photoshop, suggesting that Gigi's appearance had been digitally altered.

But setting off her sequined Dolce and Gabbana jumpsuit is skin that is noticeably several shades darker than her usual skin tone.

"This is borderline black face", said another. But to many fans, the woman on the cover looks more like a woman who sort of looks like Hadid, but with a slightly different face and much darker skin. Give other races a chance too.

"Thank you so so much for an wonderful shoot, ' she wrote".