Facebook is scanning your Instagram photos to improve its AI

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From its early days, hashtags have been one of the most fundamental parts of content sharing on any social media.

With the largest tests used about 3.5 billion Instagram images, they also came with about 17,000 hashtags.

"In order to improve these computer vision systems and train them to consistently recognize and classify a wide range of objects, we need data sets with billions of images instead of just millions, as is common today", Facebook writes.

Facebook on Wednesday, May 2, disclosed an artificial intelligence (AI) experiment that used Instagram to augment the machine learning algorithms.

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Facebook's chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer unveiled that the company's computers are now more accurate when trying to detect specific objects in users' visual input. They relied on hundreds of GPUs running around the clock to parse the data, but were ultimately left with deep learning models that beat industry benchmarks, the best of which achieved 85.4 percent accuracy on ImageNet. This ultimately led to what the research group called the "large-scale hashtag prediction model". This shouldn't be too surprising, seeing as Facebook is really only using publicly available images, and Facebook does collect all kinds of data from its users. These are the questions of 2018, but they're also issues that Facebook is undoubtedly growing more sensitive to out of self-preservation.

Image recognition has important real-world applications that can help improve lives - things like automatically generating keywords and captions for photos to help the visually impaired. More like identifying between two dog breeds, plans, food and more instead of identifying between two human beings. Indeed, the same data can be used in more ways than one, but in the case of Facebook the most effective use of it according to the report, is to combat abuse on the platform.

An image recognition machine needs to first learn what an apple looks like before it can recognize the fruit in other photos.