Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay footage show co-op armadas, melee combat

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Space Monkey report #2 will go live tomorrow, on May 3 at 9 AM PT and more details are going to be revealed for the upcoming Ubisoft's title Beyond Good and Evil 2.

In the clip from Ubisoft's livestream earlier, we not only got see the incredible character customization in combat action, but we also get an idea of how solo play works versus co-op. Be warned, though, while the footage is stunning, it's still very much pre-alpha footage. It's a huge departure from the first game where players assumed the role of Jade, but this prequel will share the gritty bones of the dark world she was birthed into.

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Not only will we get to explore more of the world in Beyond Good and Evil 2, it sure sounds like we'll get a greater glimpse at the DomZ and the lore surrounding them, and maybe even fight off a few of the shadowy foes along the way. Ubisoft is apparently proud of how fluidly the characters in Beyond Good and Evil 2 can switch between walking on the ground and flying around with jetpacks and spaceships. Like other aspects of the game, combat is flexible and varied. You'd still have a crew with specialized abilities that you'd have to order around, though it's unclear if these will be NPCs or controllable characters.

The developers say "we are reasonable", and are sticking to one solar system in the game for now. We finally saw Beyond Good and Evil 2 return at Ubisoft's E3 show a year ago, this time with no Jade and a focus on space pirates. Until then, feel free to join the Space Monkey Program to keep up to date on all the latest news regarding Beyond Good & Evil 2.