Volunteers needed to install smoke alarms into local houses

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The Chanhassen Fire Department alerts residents to the product recall of the Kidde brand smoke detector alarm.

The alarms are free and are provided by the American Red Cross. The Red Cross Home Fire Campaign is making a difference by having installed over one million smoke alarms across the nation. Between now and May 13th, the Red Cross, along the help with volunteers and fire departments, they will be installing alarms in 100 cities.

Each home can request up to three free smoke alarms.

A yellow protective cap in limited instances may have been left on one of the two smoke sensors during the manufacturing process, which could compromise the smoke alarms' ability to detect smoke.

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This was done free of charge, with smoke alarms obtained from the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs' 2017-2018 Smoke Alarm Installation Project. The Greensburg Fire Department is no stranger to this effort. "Smoke alarms play a crucial role in reducing fire-related injuries and deaths". They routinely provide assistance to those who reach out with questions or concerns, and to those who need help installing a smoke detector.

"Have a meeting area", Barrow said. In addition, they will replace batteries in already existing alarms and prove information on fire prevention and safety.

"It's always a good time to check on your smoke alarm", he said.