United Airlines bans several dog breeds from flying in cargo holds

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Now, United says it has started working with American Humane to improve its pet-carrying policies, revised versions of which will come into force from June 18. The airline continues to review all pet handling processes and policies, including in-cabin pet travel.

Dozens of snub-nosed and strong-jawed dog and cat breeds will also be banned from flying in the airline's PetSafe program, which applies to animals traveling in the cargo compartment.

Under the new policy, there is a ban on transporting breeds including Boston Terriers, boxers, pugs and Pekingese dogs, and Persian and Himalayan cats are banned.

United said it teamed with American Humane to draft the new policy.

United Airlines announced a number of new restrictions for pets traveling in the cargo hold of its aircraft via its PetSafe program on Tuesday. For customers looking for more up-to-date information and important tips to help them further ensure the comfort of their pets during travel, please visit www.united.com/petsafe.

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Between May 1 and September 30, PetSafe pet air transportation will also not be available for flights through Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, McCarran International Airport, Palm Springs International Airport and Tucson International Airport due to "high temperature restrictions, a news release details".

Of the 24 animals that died in the cargo holds on US airlines in 2017, 18 were on United flights, according to the US Department of Transportation. They added that it is for the "safety and comfort of those animals".

Rival Delta Air Lines earlier this year announced it would impose stricter requirements after what the carrier said was a 150 percent increase in service and emotional support animals - pets, often dogs, that accompany people with disabilities - carried onboard since 2015.

United Airlines bans pet breeds from cargo holds.

Reports state that the flight attendant present there at the time feared that the dog carrier would not fit under the seat and therefore instructed the owners to put the carrier in the overhead compartment as a result of which the dog died during the flight, which was more than three hours long.