Passenger opens plane door for 'fresh air'

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Later, Mianyang Nanjiao Airport released a statement confirming that a passenger opened an emergency door on the left of the aircraft while other passengers were preparing to leave because the cabin was "too hot and stuffy".

He said he soon realized he had activated the escape slide, and "panicked". He told the security personnel that he was feeling very hot in the plane, so he pushed the window handle downwards, but when a door opened, he was very scared.

According to Chen, he "lifted the latch next to the window" and "the door just fell off".

Following this, the cabin crew alerted the police and he has been reportedly detained for 15 days. In addition to that, he was also fined 70,000 yuan (US $11,000) to cover the losses of the airline.

The airline claimed it would co-operate with the authorities for further investigation procedures.

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A Chinese low-priced airline traveller has found himself in trouble after opening a plane's door and deploying its emergency slide because he found the cabin "too stuffy and too hot". In this photo, the French A330 Airbus presidential plane sits at Sydney Airport in Sydney on May 1, 2018.

The airline specifically indicated in the report that all passengers sitting by emergency exits were made aware of the precautions and responsibilities they have when sitting in such rows.

A man who allegedly opened the emergency exit door of a plane on the tarmac of a local airport in China was detained for 15 days, local media reported.

However, this is not the first time a passenger has opened an aircraft's emergency door. The man, who remained unidentified, said he opened the door because he was anxious about getting airsick.

Another passenger was given a similar sentence for hatching open an emergency exit while waiting to exit a flight at Nanjing airport.