Syrian base in HOMS attacked Israel

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Syrian air defences intercepted missiles over Homs which targeted Shayrat air base late on Monday night, Syrian state television reported.

The incident underscored fears of a further escalation in the Syrian conflict after a US, British and French attack on Syrian targets on Saturday and an air strike on an air base the previous week that Damascus blamed on Israel.

Surface-to-air missiles were seen in the sky over Syria's capital Damascus on April 14, 2018, as the Syrian air defenses were responding to the USA -led missile attack on Syria. In the early hours of Tuesday, Syrian state media reported that air defence systems had shot down missiles over Homs province.

The tripartite attack was in ostensible retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime on the Syrian city of Douma, which is said to have killed scores of civilians. Both the U.S. and Israel appeared to deny involvement in Monday night's incident.

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Later on Sunday, Israel went public with a military laboratory it set up in 2016 to pool anti-tunnel expertise. Israel has placed a high priority on halting the tunnel threat since Hamas infiltrated Israel during the war.

They also reported that 3 other missiles targeted the Dumair airbase in Dumair area in the north of Damascus, but were also intercepted before reaching the targets.

A Pentagon spokesman said there was no USA military activity in that area at this time.

No party, however, has claimed responsibility for the reported missile attack.

While Israel has refrained from confirming its attacks on Syria, an Israeli military official admitted to New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman that his country was behind the T4 strike.