Cosby Accuser Denies Framing Him

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Jackson has said that Constand once told her on a basketball road trip that she could make a lot of money through a false charge of sexual assault against a celebrity. Both females worked round the right time of Constand's allegations.

The defense plans to call Jackson to testify about how Constand allegedly talked to her about a plan to set up a high-profile person and file a lawsuit to extract money from him. Jackson has said that she and Constand worked closely together, had been friends and had shared hotel rooms several times.

A judge blocked Jackson from testifying at last year's trial, which ended in a hung jury, after Constand took the stand and denied knowing her.

His face remained animated throughout the afternoon - growing wide-eyed at the mention of his own penis, shaking his head as lawyers quibbled and openly chuckling when judge Steven O'Neill allowed a question through, saying "it's not that leading".

Bill Cosby's accuser, Andrea Constand spent nearly two hours being cross examined by Cosby's lead attorney, Tom Mesereau.

Andrea Constand's mother, Gianna Constand, took the stand Monday at Cosby's sexual-assault retrial to testify for the prosecution that Cosby described to her a sexual encounter with her daughter and apologized for his behavior. She denied understanding her.

Cosby's lead attorney, Tom Mesereau, concluded his initial cross-examination by asking Constand: "Did you ever fabricate a scheme to falsely accuse him for money?"

The defense stopped its questioning.

In the first week of Cosby's retrial, a topless protester launched herself at him, with the names of the accusers painted across her body.

Their stories aimed to bolster prosecutors' argument that Cosby's attack on Constand wasn't a singular error but part of a pattern of misbehavior. She claimed she needed to understand precisely what Cosby had contributed Andrea, prompting him to confess it absolutely was a perscription drug that he neglected to call and perhaps not the allergy medicine Benadryl advertising he maintained.

"He said to me, 'Don't worry, Mom, there was no penile penetration, '" Gianna Constand testified.

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If convicted, Cosby may end up to 10 years in prison each of three rates of indecent attack.

Mesereau also brought up the defense's key witness Marguerite Jackson, an academic adviser in the Boyer College of Music and Dance.

On Monday, the protection also attempted to throw Constand as an enthusiast who acted by showing interest in the long-married Cosby. She maintains she viewed Cosby as a mentor and never had a romantic interest in him.

Bill Cosby's lawyer is trying to paint the chief accuser in the comedian's sex-assault case as an unrequited lover who spent late nights at the comedian's home, drove hours to see him at a casino and called him twice on Valentine's Day after she says he drugged and molested her. But Mesereau said phone records showed she did not make any phone calls to Cosby's Philadelphia phone number that month.

Constand said that she believed that a responsibility to answer the queries of Cosby because he had been a effective alumnus and trustee.

Picking up where he left off Friday, Mesereau questioned Constand about inconsistencies in her police statements and prior testimony, and about the nature and extent of her relationship with Cosby.

The defense attempted to poke holes in Constand's allegations by questioning her about the almost 70 phone calls she made to Cosby after the alleged assault, her involvement in a "pyramid scheme" at Temple and her sexual assault and conflict-of-interest training as a university employee, among other things.

During cross examination Friday, the trial lawyer had Constand flustered with questions about whether she'd ever said she was affectionate toward Cosby. The defense has predicted one different accusers insignificant into this instance.

The District Attorney's office continued with its strategy to draw parallels between the allegations of Cosby's other accusers, who testified last week, and Constand's.

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.