Triggering a Tax Audit from the IRS

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Now, after months of debate and questions about exactly what the implications of digital currencies are for USA tax filers, tax day is approaching.

For those of you scrambling to complete your taxes last-minute, here's a bit of a reprieve: Taxes aren't due until Tuesday, April 17.

Many consumers look forward to tax-filing season because they get a large tax refund.

Santa Barbara County residents and businesses qualify for a tax-filing extension from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

You can submit the form electronically through the IRS website before midnight on April 17.

If you try to file, and are missing a document, you can file for a six-month extension.

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Paul Joseph of Joseph & Joseph Tax & Payroll in Williamston, Mich., calls the IRA contribution one of the most advantageous things you can do to reduce your tax burden.

They were scheduled to appear at 2:30 p.m. on Friday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael A. Hammer in Newark federal court. The standard deduction almost doubles for single filers and married couples who file together thanks to the new tax law, so it may make sense to opt for the standard deduction when preparing your 2018 taxes.

Tax experts say you should not avoid filing your taxes is because you don't have the money to pay. A lot! A tax refund is really just the return of a yearlong, interest-free loan that you extended to Uncle Sam.

Instead, carefully gather and enter your Social Security number, income information and banking information, if needed. While this is nearly certainly smaller than the actual number of people experiencing these events, it may not be an accurate comparison for the 2017 tax year because of the vast differences in popularity of the cryptocurrency space between those periods.

The most popular planned use of tax refunds, coming in at 43%, is adding the money to their savings. After doing so, you may want to adjust your W-4 at work. Shoring up savings accounts or creating an emergency fund with a tax refund can help Americans prepare for unexpected expenses or reach their other financial goals, such as putting a down payment on a home.