Tantramar region shows its support for Humboldt

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Fourteen-year-old Philippe Volek told the Canadian Press on Thursday he was sent to the principal's office for violating the school's dress code after wearing a soccer jersey to class as part a nationwide Jersey Day event.

Thanks to social media the idea has caught on worldwide.

"Being Canadian and hockey being so entrenched in our culture and it's such a bad tragedy to have so many young lives go in such a awful way — my brothers play sports and I play sports and you can't imagine something like that happening to your family".

"Last week, we had a national tournament here in Green Bay, so there's probably a bunch of teams, a bunch of buses that were all closely tied to this tragedy and they were travelling as well", says Officer Matt Knutson.

Michelle Moison, wearing a Montreal Canadiens jersey, dropped some money in the bottle as the mother of three children who play travel hockey. The family joined a nationwide effort to honor the players by placing hockey sticks in front of their home.

Drake showed his support for the Humboldt hockey community Saturday.

Lt. Andy Opperman has two kids who play hockey.

Both games of Detroit Tigers doubleheader vs. Yankees postponed due to weather
The doubleheader was set because Saturday was rained out, as the weather tries to wipe away an entire weekend of games. And the team's sixth game of the season, on April 4 against the Royals, also was postponed.

The funds will go towards the helping the victims and families impacted by the fatal bus crash on April 6.

He says his kids were touched by the tragedy in Canada.

Tom Straschnitzki said as soon as people saw the cup, they asked whether it was the real one or a replica.

"It's my son, it's his friends, it's the community", she said.

Hawks players wore green helmets to honor the Broncos in the warmups and both teams were wore Humboldt Broncos ribbons on their jerseys.

The crash killed 16 people, including the driver.