Syria celebrates over its claim it downed British, French, US missiles

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The Kremlin quickly denied reports that Russian Federation was not allowing the OPCW mission in, without elaborating.

Mr Ryabkov said: "As far as I understand what is hampering a speedy resolution of this problem is the consequences of the illegal, unlawful military action that Great Britain and other countries conducted on Saturday".

Reports state the USA was initially weighing up the options to strike Russian air defence systems and Iranian bases. The attack last week killed dozens of people including children. Britain says there's proof Syria is responsible, not the rebels because a government helicopter delivered the chemicals inside a barrel bomb.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said in a military context the president's declaration of "mission accomplished" refers only to the "task now in front of you" and the United States will continue to monitor Assad's use of chemical weapons and are prepared to respond with further action in the form of additional military action.

Earlier, Syrian state media broadcast what it said were images of hundreds of Syrians celebrating their government's successful interception of most of the missiles launched into Syria early Saturday by the United States, Britain and France. Stoltenberg spoke in an interview with Turkey's NTV television on Monday.

The team of experts are set to investigate the April 7 attack east of the capital Damascus, which the Syrian government and its Russian ally deny ever took place.

State TV broadcast the rally live from the central Omayyad Square.

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"Our job was never to take Assad out", Haley said, referring to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

"We did not do any coordination with Russian Federation on these strikes, and neither did we pre-notify them", Marine General Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Friday night.

Stepping up the pressure on the Syrian president, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley indicated the sanctions to be announced on Monday would be aimed at sending a message to Russian Federation, which she said has blocked six attempts by the UN Security Council to make it easier to investigate the use of chemical weapons.

Russian President Vladimir Putin described the strikes an "act of aggression" and had the "destructive influence on the entire system of worldwide relations and will exacerbate humanitarian catastrophe in Syria".

The Russian military also claimed Syria shot down the cruise missiles that were launched at a Syrian air base.

Trump tweeted "Mission Accomplished" on Saturday after US, French and British warplanes and ships launched more than 100 missiles almost unopposed by Syrian air defences.

Mr Corbyn called for a War Powers Act to make it necessary for MPs to approve future British military action, with the Opposition leader criticising Theresa May's decision to carry out the strikes without parliamentary approval.