Macron Says He Told Putin Russia "Complicit" in "Syrian Chemical Weapons' Use"

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French President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday that he had convinced U.S. President Donald Trump to maintain troops in Syria, as he defended France's participation in joint airstrikes.

The French president said on Sunday that Paris had convinced the United States administration to "stay in Syria long term".

"I assure you, we have convinced him that it is necessary to stay for the long-term", he told veteran journalists Jean-Jacques Bourdin and Edwy Plenel, charged with the two-hour grilling on BFMTV.

She added that the USA still wants to "crush ISIS" and expects regional allies to help securing the region.

Macron said on Sunday that the operation against Syria was "legitimate" and conducted within the worldwide community framework.

"They have not used chlorine themselves but they have methodically built the worldwide community's inability to act through diplomatic channels to stop the use of chemical weapons", he said of Russian Federation. During a televised address, Trump said France and the United Kingdom had joined in the strikes.

Saturday's strikes on Syria were the first major military operation since Macron's election in May past year.

"America does not seek an indefinite presence in Syria", he said.

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The wave of strikes had represented the most significant attack against President Bashar al-Assad's government by Western powers in seven years of Syria's civil war.

Macron added that the strikes on Syria had been "perfectly carried out".

Despite soaring tensions with Russia, Macron stressed the need to "talk to everyone" in pursuing a Syrian settlement, saying his plans to visit Moscow in May remain unchanged.

Commenting further on the issue, Macron said that the Western strikes had split Turks from Russian Federation in Syria, as Ankara has approved the attack. The Syrian leadership denied any involvement in the attack and invited the experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to investigate the reports.

Russian Federation says the attack in Douma was staged, accusing the United Kingdom of orchestrating it.

Western countries blame Assad for the Douma attack that killed dozens of people. "This was not the first time that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons against civilians but it must be the last".

The US said 105 missiles were launched and it believed none were intercepted by Syrian defences.