Leave Facebook to founder Zuckerberg

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With Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg getting grilled on Capitol Hill this week over his company's data-gathering practices, privacy experts are asking: Who let Google off the hook? As per the filing, around $7.3 million was spent in providing security to the billionaire's home and during his travel while the company incurred a cost of $1.5 million for Zuckerberg's use of private jets for official trips.

Mr Zuckerberg said he's willing to fix the problems in Facebook, even if that requires a substantial investment, and he acknowledged it is "inevitable that there will need to be some regulation". "So we have to be paying close attention to what is happening as well", he said in relation to Barbados TODAY.

In late 2017, for example, Facebook barred advertisers from using ads to circulate petitions - tools that had effectively enabled them to collect data from those who signed.

Last week, in a session with the USA lawmakers, the 33-year old Zuckerberg admitted that he took the blame for the data scrape and emphasized that user privacy is of utmost importance to the firm.

"They have not comported themselves in a way that I think makes people feel good about Facebook and secure about their own data", Stringer said on CNBC.

Last month, Facebook announced a redesign of the entire settings menu on mobile devices from top to bottom to bring in controls that are easier to find and use. The questions posed by the senators, both Democrats and Republicans, focused on the security of the social media platform and how best users could protect their privacy.

Zuckerberg was questioned by Congress after revelations that Cambridge Analytica obtained information from about 87 million Facebook users from a third party. "Facebook said that Cambridge Analytica has been shut down", said Rudiantara.

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Digital Marketing Consultant Ian Walcott said he saw no reason for firms in Barbados and the region who use Facebook to generate a lot of their business to panic, in light of the ongoing so-called Cambridge Analytica scandal.

"Most of the reforms Facebook has talked about in the past couple of weeks proposed safeguards that should have been in place years ago", he said by email following 10 hours of Zuckerberg's testimony.

Notwithstanding, Walcott said the development could mean a significant shift in the way social media sites operate, adding it could likely mean greater regulation and even more improvements in privacy policies.

The announcement comes after Facebook placed adverts in U.S. and United Kingdom newspapers apologising for losing control of the data. Collecting and sharing data of its users is at the very core of FB's business, and anything that will restrict data usage will be opposed.

In an interview with Vox, Zuckerberg said the unusual amount of control he has over Facebook benefits its 2.2 billion users.

As I understand it, it's a tactic called "pervasive ad targeting", wherein if you happen to check out the price of a desk or a gallon of milk, the internet registers your interest and gloms onto you like a death-eater. The Facebook CEO knows what his company does, but perhaps he couldn't acknowledge that his companies relies on assembling detailed dossiers on billions of people.

I was in pursuit recently of a more tangible form of happiness - a new desk for my home office. Many people construed it as confirmation of the fact that people who want privacy must expect to pay for it (going forward). Only a dramatic data diet can curb the worst downsides of Facebook.