James has knack for first-round knockouts

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The overall metrics wouldn't suggest a Finals team, but LeBron is obviously capable of incredible, super-human things, and if Hood, Clarkson and Nance play to their potential, that's probably enough to make it out of the wide-open East.

Down 1-0 in the first round.

Once the Cavaliers are done in the postseason, all that remains is where James decides to play next.

The Pacers enter the playoffs in the eyes of many the same way they entered the season.

For all the factors that go into the outcome of a playoff series, from health to matchups to stars taking over to adjustments during the course of the season to favorable bounces, their outcome can typically best be predicted by considering just a few key variables.

The Miami Heat, the No. 2 seed that season, lost to the No. 7 seed New York Knicks in Game 4 of the first round. They'll try, but they won't always be able to do this song-and-dance of playing sloppy basketball for most of the regular season and then destroying a couple of teams en route to the Finals. But we went through a lot in the offseason as well. They had BR's 5th best ORtg but nobody would be surprised to see them drop 125 in any given game. He is looking to head to his 8th straight NBA Finals. Luckily, there is one more factor that is going to be huge for the Cavaliers. The Cavs went 39-0 in games they led heading into the fourth quarter this season, the only undefeated team in those situations this season and the first to do it since 1954-55. Cleveland was down 19 after the opening quarter and despite their best efforts, couldn't throw a serious scare into IN the rest of the way. "You could give it (the MVP award) to him every year, but it wouldn't be fair to everyone else".

With the regular season now in the rearview mirror, the focus has shifted directly to the playoffs for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Oladipo averaged 23.1 points, 5.2 rebounds, 4.3 assists, and 2.4 steals.

Since February 20, there have been 30 lineups to play more than 10 minutes for the Cavaliers. If you look back at the Cavaliers vs Pacers regular season game then IN holds a 3-1 advantage. "We're going to have to bring those other guys along, but there's nothing better than just throwing yourself into it".

His teammates and opponents may change from year to year in the postseason.

"My responsibility has been the same for quite a while now", he said.

And that challenge is to take down LeBron, who has never lost a series in the first round of the playoffs.

Cleveland's biggest and most important piece, however, raises none of those concerns.

"We've got a chance", James said, when asked if he thought the Cavs could win a championship. "I feel like we're a really tough out, to beat us four games". Just as they've done all season long, the Pacers proved everyone wrong. Turner sank a 3-pointer with 1.2 seconds left to provide the halftime margin.