A 'new world' begins as Season 8 of The Walking Dead ends

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We'll have more on the premiere episode soon, but for now, we want to quickly dispose of a popular fan theory that has gained some steam in the last few months: That Madison Clark is Alpha, a member of The Whisperers from Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead graphic novels. "So we're gonna bide our time, wait for our moment, and then we're gonna show him".

Just as planned, Rick kills the decoy group, and Ezekiel finds the map to lead them to Negan.

Then Rick blinks, makes a big speech, and all the Saviors-who just literally tried to gun down everyone Rick's ever known only to be betrayed by Eugene's faulty ammunition-are suddenly free to go with the caveat that if they step out of line in the new world, they'll pay the price. After the mishap with the guns, The Saviors no longer hold an advantage over Rick's group; some try to keep fighting, but most throw up their hands in surrender. Furthermore, one of the best things about Negan's imprisonment in the comics is the way it offers the opportunity to deepen his relationship with Carl, one of its most unlikely but strongest by that stage, which again can no longer happen. As Negan was starting to listen, Rick reached out and slashed his throat with a piece of broken glass, wounding, but not killing him. Not to mention, they develop much further than their fellow series' counterparts. He tells Rick that maybe if he had killed him, Carl would still be alive. As we've seen with the Saviors, just because some of them can be turned away from the dark side, not all of them will be. How is it that Morgan will next appear on The Walking Dead's spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead? He tells her that Rick is trying to build something, and he needs all the hands he can get. Rick, however, has other plans: Negan will spend the rest of his life in a cell, a living symbol of the savage life they're leaving behind for good. She agrees to go, and he tells her that he needs to hang back and wants to be alone.

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Maggie was seen talking to Jesus in her office at the Hilltop about what's next. But there is plenty of work ahead, and the future isn't as clear as Rick might hope it is. You see what the plan is, but I'm also a bit hesitant about glossing over 2 years worth of story. "So I think it is ultimately a story about restraint rather than revenge and love rather than hate, which has always been integral to our show". Morgan also leaves, but unless you've been living under a rock, you know he's simply crossing over to Fear The Walking Dead where he can safely spout conflicting theories, have visions, and, we don't know, maybe accidentally hit children on the head in peace there. Will the communities really be able to work together and grow into a new world? We knew that was going to be the final masterstroke.

Do you think we'll have a big time jump when the show comes back?

We're all back for season 9. right? But the end of the episode offers a glimpse of what to expect introducing the original characters from Fear the Walking Dead to Morgan and the new characters. But waging the war - with all the tactical machinations of what was billed as "All Out War", strewn across the 16 episodes of Season 8 - at times felt as if the plot was ambling along like a zombie, or more accurately, running in place.