Ryan: Trump 'disappointed' by Speaker's decision to retire

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Ryan's term ends in January 2019.

This morning Speaker Ryan shared with his colleagues that this will be his previous year as a member of the House. Throughout Gallup polls from 2012 to 2016, more Americans viewed him favorably than unfavorably.

That's despite the fact that Ryan is just the latest of a record number of Republicans to forgo a run for re-election this fall.

By triggering a House leadership struggle when the party should focus on defending its congressional majorities and advancing Trump's agenda, Ryan dismayed some Republicans already concerned about their prospects with U.S. voters in November.

Other Republicans, such as New York Representative Peter King, expressed wariness about the bid by conservatives, who've pressed the party not to compromise with Democrats.

Ryan's image was particularly negative among Democrats in 2017: Although congressional Republicans failed to enact a wholesale repeal of the ACA in 2017, Ryan's role in the effort may have soured Democrats' views of him.

"He set the stage for us with his knowledge and his leadership", Roe said. Around the same time, 86% of Democrats said they approved of the ACA.

Ryan also may be leaving because he feels uncomfortable carrying Trump's water in the House.

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Andrew Nicholson, chairman of the 10th Congressional District Republican Committee, said he doesn't think Ryan's departure will affect voter turnout or political activism in the district, which stretches from Frederick County to McLean.

Paul Ryan had to be coaxed into taking the speaker's gavel in 2015 and never seemed to relish the job.

The Freedom Caucus, which numbers about three dozen House members, has always been critical of McCarthy, even though he's close to President Donald Trump. However, he seemed to be pretty confident his party will not be defeated in November.

Paul Ryan strongly hinted Wednesday that he would back GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California to replace him as speaker of the House. "We are with you Paul!" the President wrote. There's likely to be little demand for a spineless presidential candidate who wants to slash social security.

Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, also dismissed the argument that his remaining speaker's ending will hurt get together initiatives to keep its property majority as "only inner D.C. gossip".

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., called Ryan a "transformational conservative leader" and "happy warrior". Ryan may have had photogenic biceps but it turns out he had no backbone and was easily pushed around by giant cheese puff Trump. "So they're two very different races, and that's what we saw when Boehner left, who could garner 218 votes".

"I think it is a desperate attempt to juice a depressed Republican base", he said.

Politico later quoted Ryan as saying in an interview that he had a good rapport with Trump, but wished the president tweeted less. One Democratic opponent, ironworker Randy Bryce, already has raised $5 million, and Wisconsin Republicans are anxious that a national Democratic wave could sweep him to victory.