Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel Takes Pole Position At Chinese GP Ahead Of Mercedes

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Following Sebastian Vettel's second win in a row to start the 2018 Formula One season, drivers and teams head to Shanghai International Circuit this weekend for the 2018 China Grand Prix, where Lewis Hamilton stands as the defending champ.

Ferrari and Mercedes qualified on the soft tyre, so can attempt a one-stop race using the medium tyre, while Red Bull will probably have to go with two stops, with ultra/ultra/soft the most likely choice, according to Pirelli's own analysis.

Vettel, who had issues with Verstappen previous year, said the collision was needless.

Speaking after the race, Verstappen admitted fault in the collision, "I could see he was struggling on the tyres and tried to brake late in the corners".

On the other, Ricciardo's teammate Max Verstappen was involved in a collision with championship leader Sebastian Vettel that left both drivers out of the running.

The duo were spotted talking not long after the race and Vettel has revealed the contents of that discussion.

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"I'm not really sure", said the English four-time world champion on Sky Sports TV. I think the very cold temperatures and the windy conditions are not helping us, and we have had trouble finding a good balance, although of course the conditions are the same for everyone. It's just very unfortunate those things happening. Right now I am not thinking about the Ferraris, but I am trying to understand why we don't have the pace.

"We've been underperforming. Yesterday and today have been a disaster on my side, so I've got to try and rectify that and try and get back into normal performance mode, otherwise more valuable points will be lost". "To be honest, I was expecting him to come earlier".

"I had no intention of resisting, there was no point in doing so they were too fast".

"He did a mistake and locked up which happens". I didn't want to compromise my race. We were quicker in the last race (in Bahrain) but they (Ferrari) were able to hold on. I guess he misjudged and it compromised both of our races.

The German said such a mistake could happen to anyone making such split-second decisions. Inside the vehicle, you mustn't forget that the judgements are very hard to make but you have to ultimately have these things in mind and make sure you don't crash. "He could have easily taken his front wing off, get a puncture or whatever".

Brendon Hartley: "We had a little issue on my auto yesterday but we solved that overnight, both of us have been struggling on this track compared to Bahrain".