Taco Bell Chips Are Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

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Taco Bell has just introduced their own brand of chip in the flavors of their sauces, which are sure to be in direct competition with Doritos.

The chips will be sold in grocery stores and convenience stores starting in May. Taco Bell just dropped a bomb on the world, announcing their new line of tortilla chips.

The Classic tortilla chips are salted and crispy, the flawless sidekick for your dip of choice.

The Mild chips have a yellow color to them, while the Fire chips are more red.

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The chip's packaging is created to resemble the restaurant's signature hot sauce packages used at the taco chain.

Taco Bell's new retail tortilla chips offer the value and variety the brand is known for. Walmart stores, for example, sell many Taco-Bell-branded items, including bottled chipotle dressing, taco sauce, taco shells, refried beans and cheese dip.

Fire and Mild flavors will come in 1 oz., 2.3 oz, 11 oz. and 30 oz bags once they hit stores while the classic chips will come in 1 oz, 3.5 oz., 13. oz. and 30 oz. bags.

Mild - Customers that pick up a bag of Mild Taco Bell tortilla chips can expect to taste three types of pepper and cumin. But as far as the new chips go, "this was not a collaboration". Taco Bell is my "always" food; if you offer to grab me a Doritos Locos Taco Supreme at any hour of any day, I will say yes 100 percent of the time.