Valley ag could see impact of steel, aluminum tariffs

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A recent poll suggested that almost 60 percent of American voters believe that imposing tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum remains crucial to America's economic relationship with China.

China, which had a $375 billion trade surplus with the USA, is the culprit regarding steel and aluminum.

She added: "History has not been kind to investors during periods of protectionism and recent tweets suggest President Trump is leaning in rather than stepping back from threats to unleash a global trade war". So the idea of acting tough to get a better deal in a number of areas where President Trump feels the U.S. has gotten a bad deal seems to have something of a ring of truth in it.

"The European Union, wonderful countries who treat the USA very badly on trade, are complaining about the tariffs on Steel & Aluminum".

The tariffs will affect a wide range of products, including high-tech gadgets, food, furniture and beverages.

On Wednesday, a White House spokeswoman said the Trump administration is pressing China to cut its trade surplus with the United States by $100 billion.

A global trade system that doesn't embrace free markets at the national level can not be expected to practice worldwide free trade.

He said, "The EU must be exempt from any tariffs". "Consumers are just beginning to see more money in their paychecks following tax reform, but those gains will soon be offset by higher prices for products ranging from canned goods to cars to electronics".

Sipilä agreed, expressing the view that tariffs are a short-sighted trade policy.

That was despite encouraging economic news that had spurred the US indexes to open higher on Wednesday morning.

"If this is serious, the Chinese will retaliate". This decision will not only disturb financial markets for the short term but also leave lasting damages on the U.S. -Europe relations for long term.

Simply put, Farage has put his finger on a long-time problem in the area of worldwide trade, as it involves the United States.

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He told the Daily News that the European Union "should not be hasty" and try to negotiate a deal to address US concerns about national security, which is the stated reason why Trump says he is allowed to place the tariffs.

Donald Trump, however, insisted that the figure must be increased and asked for preparation of the necessary draft regulations in the coming weeks. China now runs a $375 billion trade surplus with the USA and Trump asked President Xi Xinping's economic advisers how to reduce this disparity during Xinping's recent visit.

While that is not a lot for the economy as a whole, it would be painful for the individual industry. Last year, the United States grew its trade deficit to $566 billion.

Meanwhile, the tariffs would cost China only $689 million in trade losses, according to Bown's estimates, largely because the USA has already imposed duties on Chinese products.

The USTR is also urging allied countries to take similar measures against China. America's steel and aluminum industries are not in such dire condition.

Tariff opponents argue that US military needs for steel and aluminum amount to only 3 percent of domestic production.

A JP Morgan analysis estimated that fiscal 2019 earnings per share for Deere & Co. could take a 9 percent hit because steel is the biggest contributor to its raw material costs.

However, Trump has pushed forward with his agenda by slapping Chinese industries with harsh tariffs on steel and aluminum imports to the USA and insisting on giving preferential treatment to global allies based on favorable military and economic alliances.

European countries, many of which are North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, argue that they should also be exempt, and EU officials including European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker have said that retaliatory tariffs include measures against classic American products such as bourbon.

That, along with the trade war fears, is keeping the dollar from strengthening much against a basket of currencies.

It will also harm U.S. exporters.