Storm Reid says working with Oprah Winfrey was fantastic

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Who in A Wrinkle in Time, beings who would not be caught dead sitting outside on a park bench eating pizza off paper plates.

The film follows Meg Murry [Storm Reid] who works with her highly intelligent brother and fellow student Calvin O'Keeffe [Levi Miller] and three astral travellers Mrs. "She and I agree on a lot of what's 'fashionable, ' but we have different taste, and she's really respectful of my personality as I express it through clothes".

She went on: 'I was inspired by Oprah. I don't think it's going anywhere.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she added: "But she told me, 'don't waste your energy on things you can't change in life when you can use that energy on something that's positive'".

She enthused: 'Football is such an fantastic sport.

In other words: "It's just a play".

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Asked if that meant she was now also a Swansea City fan, Oprah replied: "There you go!" In fact, Winfrey loves relaxing so much that she purchased a hand-carved tub made out of marble and onyx that is-wait for it-fitted to the shape of her body.

"Bathing is my hobby", Winfrey explained on "The Late Show with James Corden."

'Having an 18 year old daughter and she is surrounded by friends and they are all very invested in the future, all activists in their own ways.

She sprinkled "y'all" liberally throughout the rapid-fire, very precisely articulated itinerary of a typical day planned by her co-star.

But the pièce de résistance of the entire evening was when Corden was joined by the stars of "A Wrinkle in Time", including Storm Reid, for a live reenactment of the film put on in front of an unsuspecting audience at a screening of the film. The production was bad, to say the least, but delightfully so.