Shane McMahon injured in attack by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

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Earlier on the show, Shane McMahon addressed the WWE Universe and announced that he would be taking a temporary leave of absence due to his recent actions, as reported by Wrestling Inc. Perhaps this week's episode of SmackDown Live will offer a hint as to what will go down between McMahon, Bryan, Owens and Zayn.

"And based on, leading up to and what I saw at Fastlane, based on the commentary I heard tonight from these two individuals, it will be Kevin Owens taking on Sami Zayn at WrestleMania". The duo went on to drag Shane backstage, where he was powerbombed onto a metal rack, resulting in trapezius and rhomboid strains.

Shane McMahon also announced that Sami Zayn will be facing Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 34, and neither Zayn nor Owens were too happy about that announcement.

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"He sustained a laryngeal contusion when the steel chair was wrapped around his head and thrown into the turnbuckle", WWE medical staff said. McMahon suffered several injuries during the attack, can confirm. However, commissioner Shane McMahon interfered and stopped both of his rivals from securing the victory. The shocking move to turn the very likable Zayn babyface was initially met with excitement about the prospects of where it might be headed, but almost half a year later, the feud has largely been a never-ending cycle of nothing that obviously never had a clear end goal in mind.

The two faced off in a Hell in a Cell match which saw Owens winning with the help of Zayn.

With Styles retaining his championship, he'll face Shinsuke Nakamura at WrestleMania 34. There really had not been any storyline advancement for this rivalry over the last couple of months as it seemed to be just a case of WWE consistently doing a 360 with Owens, Zayn, Bryan and Shane and ending up right back where it started. WWE has managed to keep the fans guessing with several possibilities on the card.