Elon Musk launching ironic media site with ex-Onion editors

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"In order to understand the essential truth of things, I think you can find it in The Onion and occasionally on Reddit".

Bases on the moon and Mars could help preserve human civilisation and hasten its regeneration on earth in the event of a third world war, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, said on Sunday.

Have you read Trendiee Today? Former Onion editor in chief Cole Bolton and executive editor Ben Berkley are both said to be involved with this project ever since they left the publication in 2017.

Bolton and Berkley told the news outlet that they are launching a new "comedy project" but did not provide details on how Musk would be involved.

The Daily Beast then reported yesterday that Bolton and Berkeley have since been working in Los Angeles on a secret creative project funded by Musk, and the duo have poached other Onion staffers to join the new outfit. Musk reportedly wanted to buy The Onion years ago and might have made a decision to create a similar site. Former members of The Onion, including editor-in-chief Cole Bolton and executive editor Ben Berkeley, jumped ship from the publication a year ago, citing differences with the management.

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Musk does not manage the project, and will not have editorial oversight, the source added.

It's believed that the new project is likely going to be another written satirical-news property or website.

Although I am all for a Musk-funded satirical site, I do think competition is healthy and Musk should do better finding his own writers.

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