AR game developers can now use Google Maps APIs

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We may soon see an explosion of real-world based games using augmented reality, thanks to the opening up of the Google Maps API to game developers. "Google Maps' unrivalled amount of location data, covering world-famous landmarks, businesses and buildings, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye, Burj Khalifa and India Gate, makes exploring your surroundings a breathtaking experience", said Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO, Next Games. Perhaps, Pokemon Go would have been less of a disaster upon release if it had access to some Maps data. Buildings, roads, parks, and other real-world objects are turned into GameObjects in Unity automatically, so developers only have to worry about texturizing and designing those objects to fit their game's universe.

Developers will be able to test out the new system at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco next week. These games were announced previously, but the integration with Maps is a new wrinkle. "Users from all over the world can experience the Ghostbusters virtual world through our game, leveraging Google's location data".

"We've spent the last decade building a comprehensive map of the real world", adds Clementine Jacoby, Product Manager, Google Maps APIs. The real world objects become game objects in the Unity engine, so two games might look entirely different even though they're using the same raw data. Currently Next Games is working on four new games based on popular entertainment franchises including a mobile game for the popular Blade Runner franchise and a second The Walking Dead title with AMC, a unique location-based AR game, The Walking Dead: Our World.

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Google will be at GDC 2018 showing off the new Maps gaming tools, but you can get an idea of what's coming from these demo videos.

Would you be all-in on a Google Maps powered Ghostbusters game?