Citi Bike, Other Bike-Sharing Data In 179 Cities Added

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This way, Apple only has to integrate one data model to support hundreds of bike-sharing services.

Apple has added the ability to find bike sharing stations in its Maps app much more easily as it has integrated new data in over 175 cities. Ito World has worked with dozens of companies to license and normalize bike-sharing data.

To try the feature out for yourself, type "bike sharing" in the search field for the option to find out what's nearby. But TechCrunch says Apple Maps doesn't tell you how many bikes are at a given location, just that bikes should be available at an address or intersection. As the name of the service is different in each city, you often end up on Google looking for local bike-sharing services. Now those features include more comprehensive bike-sharing information for various global cities. The app supports services such as Citi Bike, Ford's GoBike, and Biketown, among others.

Image Courtesy of Alamy
Image Courtesy of Alamy

Despite its shortcomings, the latest Apple Maps update is remarkable in the sense that it shows how the Cupertino giant is dedicated to improving the user experience of its mapping service.

Bike sharing data in Apple Maps got a big boost today in a deal struck with Ito World, a real-time transit data company.

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