Tomb Raider 1, 2, 3 remasters for PC are coming soon

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It has already finished the first two games and is now working on Tomb Raider 3. The classics will benefit of a new 3D engine, thus obtaining improved lighting and shadow effects, as well as advanced post-processing filters.

TR1-3 remaster for PC are planned for Steam for free and will requires the purchase of the DOS version being sold on Steam (like ZDoom playing Doom games).

The original games are there on Steam as well, however they can only run through an emulator, which brings forth a bunch of issues regarding performance, resolution and controls.

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Less excitingly, the remasters are based on the mobile versions of the original three Tomb Raider games. You'll need to own the games on Steam in order to play the remasters because they're essentially mods of those versions, but if you do then they'll be completely free. There is no release date set for the games yet.

However they are what many consider a classic, and the good news is that it looks like the games will be getting a remaster according to a confirmation on Twitter. Though it says on its website that they have the talent to work on games for PC. Realtech VR will release a video clip for Tomb Raider 3 next month. Basically the remasters will use the original games' install packages, and that is why the remasters will only be available on Steam, too. It was the game that made the genre mainstream and inspire a number of other famous franchises to follow.

Tomb Raider when it released was one of the first third person action adventure game, and has since been hailed as a revolutionary game. Like the Prince of Persia 3D which followed three years later.