Congress needs new ways to connect to people: Sonia

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He's saying that I'm the cause of every single problem, while you're saying that I'm the cause of every single solution.

"This conversation shows you the polarisation".

"It is hard for all the parties, including the Congress, because... while we can get together at the national level, on some issues we are opponents at the ground level".

"The Indian society for many years had been accommodating, but not anymore", concluded the former Congress party president. You would never have the ability to say to Modi what you said to me. I may or may not be able to convince you.I'm proud to sit in a room and have a gentleman say this to me. Mr. Narendra Modi would never do that. "You represent a different opinion".

However, Gandhi noted that the Congress also needs to develop a new style of connecting with people at the organisational level.

"I am confident that BJP's Achhe Din will turn into India Shining that brought us the victory", Gandhi said.

She added that the idea of India was under attack under the present dispensation.

"Political opponents are being targeted through the misuse of investigative agencies".

On Congress" defeat in the 2014 elections, Gandhi admitted said there was a definite "anti-incumbency'.

"I don't know if you know the details about the comments they [judges] were making but the centre of the issue is the case of Mr. Amit Shah [BJP president]", he said. "However, anybody in this room who thinks that the Congress party is not part of that success...thinks liberalisation wasn't a revolution was not a success.needs to write a new book", he said, very likely referring to Basu, whose book was published in September a year ago. Speaking without any censor, she asked what was the goal of giving them a place in the parliament if other party members weren't allowed to talk.

China Warns of 'Justified and Necessary' Response to Trump's Trade Restrictions
Mnuchin said the U.S. isn't trying to provoke a trade war with the steel and aluminium tariffs, an action that he backed. This will affect China, which is the world's largest steel producer and a leading aluminium exporter.

Talking about India's relationship with neighbouring country China, the Congress President said, "India has to have a peaceful and cooperative relationship with China".

Stating that the country is in the midst of "great upheaval", Sonia claimed that the Narendra Modi-led BJP government is using its brute majority in Parliament to stifle the voice of the Opposition.

"Mahatma Gandhi died protecting minorities". People are angry with Congress for the disruptions in Parliament. An extremely nasty form of politics is now taking root in India.

Gandhi furhter said: "We have always been to temples". Sonia claimed that Congress is going to come back in power in the next elections and definitely not going to let BJP win again.

"In 2014 when I went to Jammu and Kashmir I felt like crying".

What people get to see Gandhi is his "incompetence and lack of intellect", Rao said.

Rahul also blamed the ruling BJP for being "less concerned about peace and tranquility".

Responding to a question on International Women's Day today, Gandhi said the Congress party had sought to pass the Women's Reservation Bill but it was opposed by other parties.

Reacting to the development, BJP's Narasimha Rao said, "You have inherited the mantle as a dynast". He said India and China should have a peaceful and co-operative relationship. "I mean, this is insane", said Rahul. "The truth is, India's success is hugely because of India's people".