Trump for improved gun checks: White House

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Why is Trump acting now: Momentum is building for gun control measures after the Parkland, Florida shooting.

"We must move past cliches and exhausted debates and focus on evidence-based solutions and security measures that actually work", Mr Trump said. A legislative effort to ban the device fizzled out past year.

Felicia Garber, whose two daughters survived the Parkland shooting, was in D.C. with her family when she heard about Monday's protest. She said a federal age limit for the purchase of those weapons may also be discussed.

Over the weekend, the White House said he had spoken Friday to Sen.

"Murphy introduced to improve Federal Compliance with Criminal Background check Legislation", White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement. "These are young adults who are ready and unforgiving, and I can only hope this is the beginning of the change they can create for our country".

What can an average American do for the president to agree on gun law reforms?

For many, grief has turned to outrage after 17 people were killed in a high school shooting.

Their "March for Our Lives" is planned March 24 in Washington.

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But the mass shooting, the 18th school shooting of the year, recharged the highly controversial topic of gun control laws.

"It should have been one school shooting, and we should have fixed it, and I'm pissed", Pollack said, "because my daughter, I'm not going to see again".

But previous gun tragedies have not led Congress to act. Trump said the point of these meetings is to "develop concrete steps that we can take to secure our schools, safeguard our students and protect our communities". "One of these isn't enough".

A photo shows that President Donald Trump was using a crib sheet of questions to ask the group.

Meanwhile, President Trump is scheduled to meet with high school students on Wednesday for a listening session followed by talks with state and local officials on school safety. No details were offered on who would attend. Instead, a White House staffer drove the van. But on Presidents Day, the avid golfer headed to his nearby golf club. And his communications staff is answering to the White House, too. Please take action. Stop going on vacation in Mar-a-Lago.

He claimed that the investigation into alleged meddling by Moscow meant that the Russians had "succeeded beyond their wildest dreams".

"The NRA believes that devices created to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations", NRA leaders Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox said last October, shortly after the Las Vegas shooting.

After the shooting, both Republicans and Democrats had called for a ban, but the legislation had stalled in Congress. "This won't help the problem that they perceive".