Metal Gear Survive Makes You Pay £7.99 For A Second Character Slot

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Well, we can easily say that Metal Gear Survive brings a new point of view to survival genre with making save slots purchasable. Well, the news doesn't get any better for fans who picked up a copy of the game yesterday.

If you want to create a second character for Metal Gear Survive, it will cost you.

While everything sounds normal so far, the problem begins when you want to share your game with a friend or family member in your own house. Having to pony up a significant chunk of extra cash for a save slot is pure trash!

PC Gamer reports that Metal Gear Survive comes with a single free save slot by default that you can utilize to create an avatar which you'll use for your playthrough.

Keeping your existing character essentially means creating another save file for your new one.

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Well, you have to pay 1,000 of the in-game Survival coins currency, with users able to buy 1,150 for $9.99.

Wait, it gets worse.

As we mentioned, Konami is also selling cosmetic DLC, limited time character boosts, and extra loadout slots.

Now that is out of the way, and the story that Survive will tell is a tale of how the crew members of Mother Base have been sucked up in a insane wormhole and transported, along with a ton of Mother Base itself, to an alternative universe full of hostile creatures who are seemingly hell-bent on taking you down.