Oxfam scandal: MSF fired 19 staff members over sexual misconduct in 2017

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Cafod said that it was "committed to a zero-tolerance approach to misconduct" and that the man's failure to disclose the circumstances of his departure from Oxfam were in breach of the Catholic charity's code of behaviour. I could see that they gave scrupulous thought to how to help and empower the world's most vulnerable people.

"I know that many people - also in the global media - will blush when they hear my version of the facts, not that I deny everything (.), but I also read a lot of lies".

"It is not that I deny everything. Women paid with money from the organisation?", he told the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

Mr Van Hauwermeiren said there had been "a lot of lies and exaggerations" about his time in Haiti. There are things which have been described correctly.

Former Oxfam employee Roland Van Hauwermeiren, at the heart of the scandal involving prostitutes during a humanitarian mission to Haiti, reacted Thursday for the first time.

"After an internal investigation, 40 cases were found to be allegations of harassment or abuse", the charity said in a statement.

England and Wales's charity regulator is now investigating Oxfam's safeguarding procedures after it said the charity hadn't disclosed the full details of an internal inquiry into sex abuse allegations by its aid staff in Haiti. Parties every week? Chic villas?

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"He [Tutu] has instructed his office to write to Oxfam International to inform them of his retirement as a global ambassador‚" the statement concludes.

Oxfam has apologised for the behaviour of aid workers, but denies a coverup, the CNN said.

The spokeswoman said Singh was re-hired "in an emergency as a short-term consultant" to respond to an emergency in Ethiopia and continued work on that contract between October and December 2011.

Some 1,270 people cancelled their direct debits to Oxfam between Saturday and Monday after the Haiti revelations were first reported - nearly double the average of 600 cancellations per month.

British actress Minnie Driver quit her role as an Oxfam ambassador late Tuesday, saying she was "devastated" by the charity's response to the scandal.

Oxfam said that it was "too early to tell the impact of the crisis" on donations.