Meek Mill arresting officer on list of police suspected of being tainted

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As we've reported, the rapper's been on probation ever since then, and he's now in prison for violating that probation.

Meek's legal team has filed a Post-Conviction Relief Act petition on the basis that Graham was lying during his testimony. Gibson, a member of the same squad as Graham, provided a sworn affidavit where he says the "Dreams and Nightmares" artist never pointed a gun at the officer or anyone else. "Stante, who hails from Slovenia, gave jailed rapper Meek Mill a strong showing of support on the worldwide stage after flashing a "#FreeMeekMill" sign on the back of his snowboard.

"I would steal with Reggie Graham", former officer Jeffrey Walker told the Inquirer.

Gibson also states that while Meek did pull a gun out of his waistband, it was only to discard the weapon, which was then recovered a few feet away from the rapper following his arrest.

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According to the Inquirer story, Graham, who retired from the force a year ago, testified at Meek's 2008 trial that he had watched Meek sell what was later determined to be crack. According to editors at The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, Graham is reportedly on a list secretly compiled by the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office of around 24 police officers who have an alleged history of lying, racial bias, brutality or abuse of power. If charges aren't withdrawn or dismissed voluntarily, Mill's attorneys are seeking a new trial.

As he was jailed partly on the word of Graham, who is now being questioned on whether his opinion is relevant or not, Meek may be freed soon, which is good news for the rap game and the Philly native.

Reginald Graham is the officer who arrested Meek in 2007 on a drug and gun charge, TMZ reported Wednesday, Feb. 14. The report claims Graham frequently stole money during arrests and beat up suspects.