Man Buys Red Hot Chili Peppers Tickets, Fails Massively

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He'd scored a pair of great seats at an incredible price to see his girlfriend's favorite band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, in Belfast on February 10.

On Twitter, Duncan Robb of Derbyshire, England, revealed his unexpected but hilarious Valentine's date with his girlfriend last weekend.

He printed out the tickets and gave them to his girlfriend on Christmas Day. After all, the two tickets cost a mere $41 and the band would be playing in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Mashable reported.

A name misreading led one couple to see the Red Hot Chilli Pipers bagpipe band on a Valentine's Day getaway rather than the woman's favorite band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

When the tickets arrived in the mail, Robb still had not realized his mistake.

In a tweet shared more than 1,300 times, Duncan wrote: "Still can't believe we've flown over to Belfast not for the @ChiliPeppers but to see the "worlds best bagpipe band" @chillipipers. thought I'd got a rate good deal on tickets n'all".

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He added: "Fast forward a month and we get the actual tickets through the post - brilliant! Up they went on the board - still nobody had noticed my mistake", he said. "It was only until the Wednesday before when my girlfriend wanted to know who was supporting them".

The Pipers' Wikipedia entry literally begins with the warning "not to be confused with Red Hot Chili Peppers" so there's really no excuse.

Douglas Gillespie, agent for the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, said: "We're always extremely careful in all advertising".

"What else was there to do?"

The couple, from Derbyshire, chose to go ahead with their trip to Northern Ireland and even took in the Belfast Arena concert staged by the piping outfit. The group has a YouTube channel where you'll find covers of We Will Rock You, Eye of the Tiger, and much more. They hope to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers at a future date.