Kieran Gilbert: Barnaby Joyce not going anywhere yet

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In addition to that, treasurer Scott Morrison has said that, ultimately, Nationals appointments are up to Joyce, so even if the timing does line up, it might be hard to nail him under the ministerial code of conduct.

Flynn MP Ken O'Dowd confirmed this morning a delegation was set to meet Mr Joyce.

But 26.7 per cent said Mr Joyce should move to the backbench, and another 20.5 per cent said he should quit Parliament altogether, with 7.5 per cent undecided.

"I do have plans to be overseas next week; parliament is not sitting", Bishop told the ABC from Kuwait, where she is attending a conference about rebuilding Iraq.

"I'll give you my solid, rolled-gold guarantee here that come tomorrow, come Friday, Barnaby Joyce will be leading the National party", she told Sky News.

But Nationals Cabinet member David Littleproud demanded Mr Joyce's critics should "put up or shut up".

"The initial search has shown that the editors of the Parliamentary Handbook appeared to be responsible for the error relating to the period [last year]", Mr Joyce's spokesperson said.

A third of voters who backed Barnaby Joyce in December's byelection have deserted the besieged Deputy Prime Minister, according to the first poll since his affair spilled into the public and triggered a political firestorm in Canberra.

Nationals president Larry Anthony was in Canberra to deal with what he called a "very hard time" for the party.

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"When she worked in my office, she was not my partner".

"When Mr Canavan stood down over the citizenship issue she went to work for another MP and subsequently left the Nationals staff following the most recent reshuffle".

In a statement yesterday, Mr Joyce confirmed the pair were now in a relationship "without a shadow of doubt", however he vehemently denied they were a couple while Ms Campion worked for Mr Cavanan, making it unnecessary for Mr Joyce to notify Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, as per ministerial codes.

"We've got plenty of people in the Nationals party room, a lot of capable guys there, and if it comes to that we would find a good leader, I feel sure about that", Mr O'Dowd said.

Mr Turnbull has not asked his Liberal deputy to ready herself to be acting prime minister while he's in the United States next week in case Mr Joyce is not available to do the job.

Veterans Affairs Minister Michael McCormack, who has missed out twice on becoming deputy leader, on Tuesday night denied he had been having conversations with colleagues to replace Mr Joyce.

"I did not discuss these matters with the Prime Minister or his office as Vikki was not my partner, so they were dealt with in the usual course of staff deployments within the Party".

"I heard there is going to be someone who goes across to see him", he said yesterday morning.