Apple to unveil cheaper iPhone X-like phone; replace iPhone 8

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This time, the culprit is a single Indian (Telugu) character.

As Italian publication Mobile World first reported, the bug affects devices running iOS 11 and it entails sending an Indian (Telugu) language character to an iOS device.

Numerous issues have started to appear with Apple devices as more and more users are registering bugs and problems on their support forums, these range from, erratic auto-correct results, SMS messages out of sync, constant app crashes and the phone not ringing when someone is calling.

As well as Apple's own Messages app, it's also enough to bring down third-party apps like Facebook Messenger, Gmail, WhatsApp, and Outlook for iOS.

The issue is said to impact certain apps running on the latest final versions of iOS, macOS, and watchOS, though only iOS appears to suffer from the bootloop issue described above.

The bug causes any app to crash, including the third-party apps.

Indeed, attempts to reload Messages after the rogue character had been received saw it get stuck trying - and failing - to bring that message in.

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Tom Warren at the Verge broke his iPhone to demonstrate the glitch for us. When users try to open Messages, it will simply crash and refuse to open.

Because so many apps are affected, the new text bomb could be used to create mass chaos if spammed across an open social platform or used to target individuals via email or messaging.

Once deemed safe and secure, Apple's operating systems have recently hit a rough patch as surprisingly small vulnerabilities have proved capable of causing serious crashes or handing full control over to hackers.

This severe bug wreaks havoc without requiring any complex action, as a simple character can crash iPhones and disable the aforementioned apps. Apple expects to finalize iOS 11.3 this spring, at which point it will be pushed out to iPhones and iPads in general.

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TechCrunch has been in touch with Apple the potential timeline for a software fix and will update this story accordingly.