A look at past Chinese New Year celebrations in Cleveland (vintage photos)

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Although most United States citizens celebrated the new year on January 1, many Asian nations using the lunar calendar, like China and Korea, will celebrate the Lunar New Year this Friday. "It's a day to unite for all the family members".

The history of Spring Festival in China is over four thousand years old. Its importance in Chinese culture is same as that of Christmas in the West.

Chef Andrew Wong isn't one for Chinese stereotypes.

The Ctrip report states that the number of domestic visitors in the seven-day holiday period will reach 385 million people this year, up 12 per cent on last year.

- On the lunar Chinese calendar each year is represented by a zodiac animal.

The year 2018 meets the element Earth and therefore is the Chinese Earth Dog Year.

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How Chinese Celebrate Spring Festival?

- The Chinese New Year ends with the Lantern Festival, which is celebrated by various kinds of activities, including folk dance, eating yuánxiāo (glutinous rice balls with various kinds of delicious fillings), playing games of riddle, and organizing festive parades enhanced by lustrous lanterns of various styles.

Here's what you can expect this Chinese New Year:1. Although banned in Beijing and Shanghai, fireworks are an essential part of festivities.

"I recommend for those people born in the Year of the Dragon to remain in status quo, meaning no new investments, no new business". It is the same gesture as the Eidee' we give to our children on Eid.

More information about these events or more upcoming Lunar New Year events can be found on Tiger Zone and the weekly Student E-News email.

He said during the festival, people make food offerings to their ancestors, and have lunch or dinner together with family members and friends. In northern China, the common dishes are steamed fish, dumplings, roasted duck or chicken, while in the south sometimes people celebrate with hot pot, which contains a variety of vegetables, mushrooms, meatballs and meat. To be more specific, "upside down" means "Dao" in Chinese, which means "coming", and "Fu Dao" means the good fortune is coming to the household. "Because my family owned a restaurant, we were always working when other people celebrated".