Shithole: US Ambassador to Nigeria Represented at Meeting With Nigerian Govt

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President Trump had since denied describing any race as coming from "shithole countries", prompting observers to query Nigerian government's interest in pushing the matter further.

South Africa's government called for a meeting Monday with acting U.S. Ambassador Jessye Lapenn in Pretoria as part of a diplomatic protest of Trump's "disturbing" comments, the Department of International Relations said in a statement Sunday.

"It was noted that Africa and the African diaspora has contributed significantly to the United States and to its development into the country that it is today, and that the African and worldwide reaction to the alleged statements clearly serve as a united affirmation of the dignity of the people of Africa and the African diaspora", the ministry said.

The statement cast doubt on Mr. Trump's tweeted denial, noting that it was "not categorical" since it referred "only to Haiti" and failed to address the entirety of the reported comments.

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Shithole: US Ambassador to Nigeria Represented at Meeting With Nigerian Govt

Monyela said relations between South Africa and the USA, and between the rest of Africa and the U.S., must be based on mutual respect and understanding.

The South Africa ambassadorial position has remained vacant for more than a year, following the departure of former US ambassador Patrick Gaspard in December, 2016.

"We agree to the importance of strong relations between South Africa and the United States that are based on mutual respect and understanding", Harvey told the news site. "We have advised our indicate that our commitment to those countries remains strong". It said the comments showed that the Trump administration had a "huge misunderstanding of the African continent", and it demanded a USA apology to all people of African descent worldwide.

Trump's comments were met with widespread consternation in Africa, with an African Union spokesperson saying the union was "frankly alarmed". We suggest you take them up on their offer.

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