SC Judges Row: CJI Dipak Misra Meets the Judges, Offers Olive Branch

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Former Attorney-General of India Soli Sorabjee reacted to the press conference and said that he was not in favour of this and said that he wished the four judges had not done this.

Though majority of media reports citing Attorney General KK Venugopal said that the rift between Chief Justice of India and the four senior-most judges of the Supreme Court had been settled, sources close to the revolting judges came with exactly opposite claim.

The four judges expressed their unhappiness with the way Supreme Court is functioning and also talked about the allotment of cases and emphasised on Chief Justice is the first among equals and has to discharge his duties fairly and transparently. This indicated that the CJI and the four senior-most judges were not alone and even Justice AK Sikri, who heads Court No 6, were holding parleys to resolve the sharp differences that have plunged the judiciary into serious crisis.

"The hon'ble Chief Justice of India is duty bound to rectify the situation and take appropriate remedial measures after a full discussion with the other members of the collegium and at a later stage, if required, with other hon'ble judges of this court", the letter said. It became public after a fairly politicised case was assigned to Justice Arun Mishra, relatively junior to them and at number 10 in the judges' hierarchy at the apex court.

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CJAR has stated that CJI dealt with the matter both on the administrative side as well as the judicial side since he had presided over every bench which had dealt with this case and had this violated the code of conduct for judges. Loya's case was one of the many contentious issues brought up on Friday by the mutinous four, who had called an unprecedented press conference to express their displeasure at the way the CJI was allotting cases, allegedly to benches of his preference.

The four senior judges went to public on Friday and openly targeted decisions taken by CJI Misra.

"Yes, I think it has not been settled. There is nothing left", Mishra told reporters. Noone, but the chief justice of India was questioned for his professional behaviour by the top judges, who are his colleagues but not treated like one. What Nandakumar has ignored is that the objective of this charter is to serve as a guide for ensuring an "independent, strong and respected judiciary, indispensable in the impartial administration of justice".

None of the four judges was assigned to hear the judge Loya case, which is seen as politically sensitive.

The Convenor of Campaign for Judical Accountability and Reforms (CJAR), which held a press conference, repeated all the allegations it had raised in its PIL in the case that was dismissed by the Supreme Court with an exemplary cost of Rs 25 lakh.