YouTube Execs on Logan Paul Scandal: "Actions Should Speak Louder Than Words"

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Noting that some of the streaming site's "very young" content creators "get themselves in hot water", Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl emphasized that Paul-whose channel was pulled shortly after the scandal erupted-was basically a rare bad apple among a huge stable of creatives who are not terrible.

YouTube announced that they are cutting ties with YouTube celebrity Logan Paul. "Additionally, we will not feature Logan in season 4 of "Foursome" and his new Originals are on hold," Alphabet Inc's YouTube, said in a statement.

While YouTube cast its net far and wide with new content regulations introduced previous year after the, now the company seems to want to zero in on the most popular channels as their videos typically get the most views.

Almost two weeks after Logan Paul's infamous trip to Tokyo, Japanese police have announced that he could be charged with at least four different crimes after viewing his videos.

However, Paul took it upon himself to step away from publishing videos for some time. The company expressed that it is upset about the video and is searching for ways to ensure videos in that nature never make it to the video-sharing website.

YouTube said the images violated its policies.

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This isn't the first time YouTube got into a predicament as a result of videos posted on its platform. A number of well-known people, including Aaron Paul (no relation to Logan Paul), spoke out on Twitter against the video.

YouTube's response to most of these controversies was either demonetising the videos or removing the ads - but certainly not taking any of these videos down.

Paul is a popular YouTube vlogger, who is known for his many adventures. But with YouTube Red, a paid subscription service, and YouTube entering into financial deals with content creators, that line is now blurred.

"Everything is evolving so fast", Kyncl said. "They can not masquerade as technology companies, particularly when they place advertisements", said Sir Martin Sorrell, Chairman of WPP, to The Guardian.

The 22-year-old's YouTube channel has more than 15 million followers and was reportedly worth more than 12 million dollars in advertising revenue last year.