South Africa open for investment: Ramaphosa

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Moments after landing in Jacob Zuma country, the Kenyan Head of State was nearly knocked down no thanks to miscoordination by his security detail as he alighted from his official vehicle.

South Africa's economy has slowed to a near-stand-still during Zuma's two presidential terms, as allegations of influence peddling in government and mismanagement of state owned enterprises have dented consumer and business confidence.

"Political parties are the key engine in ensuring people-to-people connection", said President Kenyatta.

On the agreed visit, President Kenyatta said: "We have laid the groundwork for my State visit sometime in the first quarter of this year".

Apart from the issues of trade and infrastructure, Presidents Kenyatta and Zuma also deliberated on regional peace and security, especially the South Sudan conflict and the "new slave trade in Libya".

The two heads of states are expected to review bilateral agreements the two countries signed in Nairobi in 2016.

South Africa wants to attract foreign investors to help it kick-start economic growth and eradicate poverty and will crack down on corruption, the new leader of the ruling African National Congress said on Saturday.

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Ramaphosa delivered the national executive committee's January 8 Statement in East London on Saturday, with the central theme being unity.

"I am happy to participate in the ANC birthday celebrations".

He said the message of unity that Ramaphosa has been delivering is one that resonates well, not only with South Africans but also with other parties on the African continent.

Ramaphosa is a veteran of the anti-apartheid struggle, and was the lead negotiator in talks to end apartheid and the writing of the country's constitution.

Since becoming ANC president in December‚ Ramaphosa has preached unity in the party‚ constantly saying that competing factions before the December conference should now come together.

Through his Twitter account, President Kenyatta said: "Departed from South Africa after concluding an official visit to the country".