PUBG Update for Xbox One Released, Here's What's in It

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Crashes shall also be minimized to a certain level as there has been a new fix addressing additional memory issues.

The update also adds a new controller preset, fixing one of the biggest fundamental issues with the game's control scheme since launch.

"The team at PUBG determined to continue to improve the in-game experience for PUBG's growing and active community and have already released four updates since the game's launch in Xbox Game Preview on December 12". Though by default, aiming is mapped in two stages to the left trigger, this update offers the option of aiming down sights with "LT", while third-person aiming is activated by pressing "LB".

Thanks to some optimisations introduced with this latest update, rubber banding should be less common due to improvements, while enhanced server performance should make parachuting into the map at the beginning of a match a bit smoother.

Added a new controller preset to options menu.

Holding LT to aim down sight.

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"We are pushing a fix for an in-game issue that was undermining the core experience for some players", community coordinator PUBG_RoboDanjal wrote. "As part of that update, we have chose to include some additional performance and gameplay improvements, as well as a new controller option".

Holding LB to use 3rd person perspective aim sight.

Fixed the inability to join duo/squad through invites outside of game.

PUBG Corporation seems to have found a victor no matter what platform it's on, and Microsoft seems to have found a game that is actually getting people to play the Xbox One for once.

Prior to the update, players in the midst of a firefight would sometimes have to cycle through their pistol to get to their better weapon. After installing, all changes in the above changelog will be applied.