Larijani involves Parl. security commission in oil tanker case

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On January 6, the Panama-registered oil tanker SANCHI collided with Hong Kong-registered bulk freighter CF Crystal about 160 nautical miles east of the Yangtze River estuary, causing a large fire on the SANCHI. Rescuers stayed aboard less than 30 minutes but were able to recover the ship's data and video recordings, it said. The four team members tried to get to the ship's living quarters but were driven back by temperatures on the burning ship of around 89 degrees Celsius, Xinhua said.

Meanwhile, Iranian commando forces who have been stationed at Port of Shanghai since Thursday, have received the go-ahead to board the ablaze vessel in search of survivors.

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A stricken Iranian oil tanker is sinking in the East China Seas and there is no hope to rescue the crew members, an Iranian maritime official said. The Sanchi was carrying 136,000 tonnes of light crude oil from Iran when the collision happened. The first body had been found on Monday, which now leaves the number of the remaining crew members at 29.

Thirteen ships, including one from South Korea and two from Japan, were engaged in the rescue and cleanup effort Saturday, spraying foam in an effort to extinguish the fire.