Wow, Looks Like Mark Wahlberg is a Pretty Slippery Snake

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Mark Wahlberg's big pay bump over costar Michelle Williams for "All the Money in the World" reshoots was explained by two sources who said the actor took advantage of a costar approval clause in his contract, USA Today reported. Director Ridley Scott replaced him with veteran actor Christopher Plummer, but needed Mark Wahlberg's approval, which was reportedly refused until the production agreed to pay him out a massive chunk of change for the inconvenience.

'What (Wahlberg) said was, "I will not approve Christopher Plummer unless you pay me.'" And that's how he (expletive) them, ' says one person who spoke to the publication under the condition of anonymity. 'Christopher had to get paid.

Both Scott and Williams have spoken about doing the reshoot for free, with Williams telling USA Today last month that she would even give up her Thanksgiving holiday for the reshoots.

Another insider claims the actor's lawyer formally vetoed Plummer in a letter to financiers until his demands for payment had been met.

Williams, Globe-nominated for her role in All the Money in the World, was one of them.

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This new development offers a new wrinkle to the previous reporting about this exorbitant pay gap situation. Williams received approximately $1,000 due to SAG per diem rules, but was reportedly uninformed that Wahlberg's team had negotiated for higher pay, despite the fact that she is represented by the same talent agency. But Michelle, no. Me, no. Meanwhile, Williams' was less than a thousand.

Williams said she brought Burke as her date so she could listen to her talk. I said, 'Will you come back [and reshoot]?' They said, 'Absolutely.' I said, 'For how much?' They said, 'For free.' Everyone came back for nothing.

Burke, an activist from Harlem, launched the #MeToo movement a decade ago to aid underprivileged women of color affected by sexual abuse.

That's when Burke chose to take action by helping the communities where rape crisis centers and sexual assault workers were not present, and "Me Too" was born. It looks like the only thing it would take to get Marky Mark to take time out of his busy pants-dropping schedule is some good old-fashioned co-star leveraging.