Would you support a second European Union referendum?

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Hours after arguing that another vote would silence those "whinging and whining" who are against leaving the bloc, and with the idea drawing immediate support from pro-EU politicians, he sought to clarify his comments and reversed course.

"I don't agree with the decision and it's not the way I would vote but I think that [having a second referendum] is a ridiculous idea".

The former Ukip leader went on to predict that the Leave campaign would win by a greater margin if the vote were to be held again.

"He has done an extraordinary amount of good work to establish UKIP in the first place but all political careers come to an end and really this does signal the end of the political career of Nigel Farage". Do we stick with the view that the result will stand or acknowledge the fact that we face this potential threat?

According to the Guardian, the former Ukip leader will now lose 40,000 euro (£35,000) from his salary to recoup funds he spent on hiring parliamentary assistant Christopher Adams. They will go on whinging and whining and moaning throughout this process.

Mr Farage, said a second referendum would "kill off" the issue for a generation.

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He insisted Brexit would score a bigger victory a second time round - but a new poll out today from ComRes showed that if there were a second referendum, 55 per cent would vote to remain in the European Union and 45 per cent to leave - compared to the 52 per cent in favour of Brexit last time round. We've won the vote, why would we put that at risk by having a second one?

"And we may just finish the whole thing off and Blair can just disappear off into total obscurity".

Tom Brake, Brexit spokesman for the Liberal Democrats, said: "Farage shouldn't be so confident of winning".

Getty•RTRoger Evans said many Remainers are aware the Brexit "scare stories" are not true It's not just about Brexit.

He said he was "less than impressed" by Mr Bennett - then a candidate - for blaming eastern European immigrants for problems with rubbish on the streets of Cardiff.

Prime Minister Theresa May clinched a divorce deal last month that paves the way for arduous talks on future trade ties ahead of the United Kingdom's exit which is due on March 29, 2019.