United States east coast set to shiver on amid sub-zero temperatures

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With wind chill, temperatures could be as low as -15 in NY and -25 in Boston on the weekend, according to CNN Weather.

The National Weather Service said on Friday that temperatures in the Berkshire mountains in western MA could seem like a frosty minus 35 degrees, parts of New Hampshire and ME could experience minus 45 and Vermont's mountain regions could feel like minus 50 degrees.

They frequently occur in North America, when cold air collides with warm air over the Atlantic Ocean - though they've also been reported in eastern Asia and South America. By mid-morning, flights at nearby airports, such as Boston Logan (BOS) and New York's John F. Kennedy (JFK), were slowly returning to normal, but with plenty of cancellations and delays still in effect. The coldest high for Hartford - minus 12C (9F) - was set in 1912.

Millions were experiencing frigid wind chills this weekend, from the Great Lakes to New England.

"As wind increases in speed, it increases the rate of heat loss on your body, making you feel colder than it actually is", CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam said.

Wind chill is the perceived temperature that people and animals feel when exposed to the elements.

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In Hartford, Connecticut, a brutal cold of minus 12C (10F) yielded a wind chill of minus 28C (minus 20F).

And when the wind chill registers below minus 50, it would take only five minutes for exposed skin to develop frostbite. Four people were reported killed in the southeastern states of North and SC, where icy roads sent vehicles skittering.

In Arlington, Massachusetts, a state Water Resources Authority employee was found unconscious in a snow bank while doing snow removal work Friday, Arlington Police Chief Fred Ryan said. According to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, two men died Wednesday night after their pickup truck slid off a road and fell into a creek.

Video from a resident of Hull, just to the southeast of Boston, showed the icy mess inundating one street with water above the wheel wells of cars and coming up to the doors of homes.

The state of MA has seen its fair share of chaos, including the unfortunate record-breaking coastal flooding in Boston, beating out the flood from the Blizzard of 1978.

The storm flooded streets in some communities in coastal MA, turning roads into slushy rivers. First responders braved the frigid waters using rubber rescue boats and high-water vehicles.