Trump asked why 'pretty Korean lady' wasn't helping with North Korea negotiations

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Amid the backlash to President Donald Trump reportedly referring to countries in Africa and Central America as "shithole countries", NBC News reports that the president made remarks about the race and ethnicity of at least one USA official. Afterward, Trump asked her, "Where are you from", two anonymous officials told NBC News. Trump asked, according to multiple people briefed on the meeting, before going on to question why the US wasn't admitting more immigrants from countries like Norway instead. "Despite her response of "Manhattan", the president apparently kept digging and inquired about the origins of "[her] people" until she told mentioned that her parents were from Korea. But that's not what the president was after.

In a meeting last fall, the president apparently said that a female intelligence expert should be assisting the its negotiations with North Korea purely because of her Korean heritage, NBC News reported.

In sum: The president of the United States, the person who's supposed to represent the best of the country, behaved in a fashion that would likely get a midlevel manager at a company fired.

In a tweet, Trump said: "The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used". Dick Durbin, a Democrat who was present at the meeting, confirmed the "vile" phrase was used "repeatedly" when Trump was referring to Africa. NBC News also cited a source saying Trump "frequently uses that kind of language", despite those around him telling him not to. The White House did not immediately comment.

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Comparatively, maintaining the status quo would see migration falling from 232,000 in 2020 to 220,000 a decade later. Mr Farage said: "What is for certain is that the Cleggs, the Blairs, the Adonises will never ever, ever give up".

President Donald Trump has reportedly made comments about race and ethnicity on several occasions.

Trump began his presidential campaign by calling Mexican immigrants criminals and "rapists". Trump reportedly pressed, asking where "your people" were from. Trump found that surprising that no one said they knew him, the attendees said.

Carson, the only black member of Trump's Cabinet, had never served in Congress and spent his career as a surgeon. "Then what are they?"

Already, the top USA diplomat in Haiti has been summoned to explain Trump's remarks in Thursday's meeting to Haiti's president.