Trial: Ex-soccer coach accused of abuse when Man City scout

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Mr Johnson said: "In those circumstances we will suggest in due course that it is no surprise either that the extent of his offending has taken so long to emerge or that there is repetition in the way, we allege, he committed his offences".

The "follow me" scenario would lead to the initiation of sexual activity and Bennell would allegedly often end up in bed in between two boys, according to Unsworth. There, they were again encouraged to play "follow me".

He said the abuse went on until Bennell suddenly lost interest in him.

The prosecution alleges the abuse took place at Bennell's home, on tour with football teams in Wales and at the ground of Crewe Alexandra FC, where he worked as a youth coach at the time.

He was also abused when he stayed overnight at Bennell's former home in the Peak District, he said.

"That game was pretty much ongoing until, basically, I walked away from football", he told the court.

Mr Unsworth said: "I can recall one time being in a dormitory which was full of bunk beds and somebody waking up with a sheep's or ram's head on their bunk bed or actually in their sleeping bag".

"I was just crying, the pain".

The court was told young boys would be given free sports kit at Bennell's house and allowed to eat takeaway food. It felt like it was hours but it was probably two or three minutes.

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The court heard Bennell would "play fight" with the boys and put on horror films for them to "soften them up".

According to Sky News, the jury was shown a television interview in which former footballer Andy Woodward spoke up about being abused.

During questioning by Eleanor Laws, defending Bennell, the complainant said he was not testifying to get compensation, but because "this is about justice".

He told Liverpool Crown Court: "He would move his hands around your body on the outside of your clothes, tickle you, and you would have to do the same to him".

He has pleaded guilty to seven counts of indecent assault related to his current trial.

A transcript of a police interview with Mr Bennell in February a year ago was read to the court, which included a denial that he had abused Mr Unsworth.

In the interview, Mr Bennell said: "I always tended to aim for the 13-year-olds because that was puberty age and they were becoming a bit more strong-willed and not tied to the apron strings".

Bennell denied abusing Unsworth but admitted that he had stayed at his house and slept in his bed.

Bennell denies 35 indecent assaults, 11 male rapes and two attempted rapes involving 11 boys aged eight to 15 between 1979 and 1990.