Texas native escapes California mudslide in Prius

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A driver miraculously was able to ride out a mudslide in Burbank, California on Tuesday.

It was before 6am Tuesday morning when Desionne Franklin realized he and his girlfriend needed to get out.

"By that time my whole life was flashing before me, 'Oh, this is not about to happen right here, '" he said.

"I could hear a rumbling and the rain was coming down hard and I said 'we gotta go now".

Franklin and his girlfriend then got in his vehicle and attempted to drive down the street.

"When I got halfway down the hill, I just felt this burst of water hit the back of the auto", he said. "She's screaming at the top of her lungs - 'Hey, go faster, go go go, ' she's pulling my shirt", he recalled.

Watch Prius Surfs Downhill in Rushing Burbank Mudslide
Watch Prius Surfs Downhill in Rushing Mudslide

"The steering wheel was shaking and we could feel boulders and rocks underneath us", Franklin said.

"They looked like wadded-up pieces of paper", he said. In the viral clip, which was posted on January 10, a auto is seen being dragged away due to the force of the mudslide. "You couldn't even recognize what it was to begin with".

The couple hopped in the auto and started driving - but soon realized the mud had overtaken the vehicle and was sweeping them down the road. He told KTLA, "I didn't even know a Prius could hold up in nothing like that".

A member of the Burbank Firefighters Local 778 filmed the footage of the vehicle careening down a street and posted the footage on the group's Instagram page.

Burbank firefighters later said they became trapped in the area of Deer Canyon and Sunset Basins as flowing mud made it impossible for residents to leave their homes.

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