Niantic Announces Pokemon Go Community Day Event Featuring Surfing Pikachu

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Additionally, Pokemon GO Community Day is going to be a monthly event, and the whole idea behind it is to get people out to parks and other places where Pokemon can be found, and both special Pokemon will be available to be caught and the Pokemon you catch will know an exclusive move for battling. During that three hour window, players will be able to find a Pikachu which knows surf in local parks.

The problem is, three hours is a ridiculously short window, and a week's notice to be at a physical location isn't much notice at all. Community Days are planned to take place every month and each will feature a special Pokemon that will be present frequently all over the world for a select number of hours. Beginning January 20, Niantic invites you to join other Pokemon Go players in your area. The objective of the event is to encourage players to meet up at local parks with other trainers and experience the full benefits of being part of the Pokemon Go community. Surfing Pikachu is a popular Pokemon first introduced in Pokemon Yellow and was recently brought back as a mini-event prize in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This not only gives everyone a chance to mix and mingle, but also a shot at catching the event's exclusive Pokemon.

Pokemon Go will likely never reach the same peaks that it hit in 2016, but it's nice to see Niantic scheduling more events for a game that desperately needs them. During the event, players will earn double XP. Pokemon Go uses OpenStreetsMap as a source for its overworld map, and seems to use the open source database to limit where EX Raids appear.

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Asia-Pacific Region: 12:00 PM - 3 PM JST.

Community Day is created to engage the massive worldwide Pokemon Go community and keep them involved in the game by offering special Pokemon for a short period of time.