NBC Says Super Bowl Ads Nearly Sold Out

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"Didn't half of their viewers just turn off the dial for the Super Bowl weekend?" co-host Katie Pavlich opined.

After failing to act early by hitting Colin Kaepernick with a suspension for his kneeling in 2015 to nip the problem in the bud, the $40 million a year commissioner tried to buy off black protesters with an $89 million bribe to a number of organizations to use in social justice warrior training.

He called on the league to come out and force players to stand for the anthem, as Trump called for in September.

The troubles facing the NFL over the past season - such as national anthem protests, injuries and declining TV ratings - have not deterred advertising demand for NBC's February 4 telecast of Super Bowl LII.

Of course, not all protests during the anthem have been broadcast, but the attention it's gotten seems to warrant that it be televised at the biggest football event of the year. Game broadcasters showed the protests during the initial weeks but reduced coverage of them later. "The Super Bowl is a live event, just like 'Sunday Night Football.' When you're covering a live event, you're covering whats happening".

Donald Trump cancels London trip and blames Obama
The current embassy's location in a busy square makes it hard to secure, and attempts to do so weren't popular with the neighbors. Supporters of Trump though said his refusal to visit London was a shame and reflected badly on the British public.

The anthem is typically shown live before the Super Bowl and this year will be performed by pop singer Pink at the February 4 championship.

In the unprecedented position of have both a Super Bowl and an Olympics to sell in the same month, Dan Lovinger, executive VP, for NBC Sports sale said Olympic sales were pacing ahead of the Sochi games four years ago and were on track to exceed $900 million, a first for the Winter Games.

"I think there's a lot of reasons for it", Gaudelli said.

So, there you have it!

The country can probably count on Trump to fire up his Twitter account once again if there's any protests on Super Bowl Sunday. Go out there and do it on your own time.